Flutter Weekly Issue 48

  1. 1. 👖插件/Librarys
  2. 2. 📱App
  3. 3. 🔧工具/Tools


  1. dart_native

    Write iOS&Android Code using Dart. This package liberates you from native code and low performance channel.

  2. flare_loading

    Loading widget based on a Flare animation, allow you to create beautiful custom loading widgets or dialogs

  3. flare_splash_screen

    Facilitator for having a Splash Screen with a Flare animation

  4. flutter_bugly

    腾讯Bugly flutter应用更新统计及异常上报插件,支持Android、iOS

  5. flutter_tagging

    A TextField flutter package with tagging functionality.

  6. holding_gesture

    A customized GestureDetector that acts on holding a determined Widget

  7. nepali_date_picker

    Material Style Date Picker with Bikram Sambat(Nepali) Calendar Support. Supports both Android and ios.

  8. flutter_rating_bar

    A simple ratingbar for flutter which also include a rating bar indicator, supporting any fraction of rating.

  9. flutter_typeahead

    A TypeAhead widget for Flutter, where you can show suggestions to users as they type

  10. youtube_player

    A flutter plugin to play Youtube Videos without API Key in range of Quality(144p, 240p,360p,480p,720p and 1080p).

  11. provider_architecture

    A set of widgets to help with the implementation of the Provider architecture as shown by FilledStacks

  12. flutter_remote_control

    flutter remote control,主要使用LongPressDraggable与DragTarget实现的万能遥控器交互效果。

  13. OTPTextField

    A flutter package for the OTP Field widget.

  14. DatePickerTimelineFlutter

    Flutter Date Picker Library that provides a calendar as a horizontal timeline

  15. image_path_helper


  16. animations

    High quality pre-built Animations for Flutter

  17. VelocityX

    A minimalist Flutter framework for rapidly building custom designs. https://velocityx.dev

  18. magiceye

    An abstraction on top of flutter camera.

  19. flutter_slidable

    A Flutter implementation of slidable list item with directional slide actions.

  20. Flutter_UI_Kit

    Flutter app for collection of UI in a UIKit

  21. flutter_staggered_grid_view

    A Flutter staggered grid view which supports multiple columns with rows of varying sizes.

  22. flutter_parallax

    A Flutter widget that moves according to a scroll controller.

  23. flutter_sidekick

    Widgets for creating Hero-like animations between two widgets within the same screen.

  24. flutter_advanced_networkimage

    An advanced image provider provides caching and retrying for flutter app. Now with zoomable widget and transition to image widget.

  25. flutter_statusbarcolor

    A package can help you to change your flutter app’s statusbar’s color or navigationbar’s color programmatically.

  26. enviro_sensors

    A flutter plugin exposing streams to android and iOS enviroment sensors (temp, light, pressure, humidty)

  27. adaptive_dialog

    Show alert dialog or modal action sheet adaptively according to platform.

  28. social_share

    Flutter package to share images on social media


  1. sorty

    Sorty 〽️ - Sorting Algorithms Visualization

  2. CovidUpdates

    A cross platform-app made with flutter of latest updates of Covid-19

  3. Covid19Stats

    A mobile app developed with Flutter to view Covid19 statistics 🦠


  1. xd_to_flutter

    Xd to Flutter