Flutter Weekly Issue 70

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  1. 承载亿级流量的开发框架,闲鱼 Flutter 技术解析与实战大公开

  2. 来一份Flutter渲染分析

  3. UME - 丰富的Flutter调试工具

  4. Flutter源码剖析(四):flutter run流程解析

  5. Flutter widgets 快问快答 | 第五期

  6. Dart 健全的空安全: Beta 版


  1. flutter-audio

    A Flutter audio-plugin to playing and recording sounds

  2. flow-builder

    Flutter Flows made easy! A Flutter package which simplifies flows with a flexible, declarative API.

  3. FAliPlayer

    Flutter 版的阿里云列表播放器,支持边播边缓存 Flutter 版的阿里云列表播放器,支持边播边缓存

  4. functional-listener

    Extension functions on ValueListenable that allows you to work with them almost as if it was a synchronous stream.

  5. flutter-math

    Math rendering and editing in pure Flutter.

  6. sentry-dart

    A pure Dart Sentry.io client.

  7. yoyo-player

    YoYo Video Player is a HLS(.m3u8) video player for flutter.

  8. combase-flutter

    Flutter Chat Components for Combase • Powered By Stream

  9. international-phone-field

    Validating numbers and providing necessary detail base on selected country

  10. Repo Case

    Automatically generate usecase classes from your repository class definition in Dart and Flutter

  11. story-designer

    story_designer is created to help developers out there who are looking for implementing Instagram like stories editor.

  12. forge2d

    A Dart port of the Box2D physics engine

  13. custom-timer

    A customizable timer builder, with controller, animation, intervals, callbacks and custom actions for Flutter.

  14. scidart

    Multiplatform scientific computing for Dart

  15. home-widget

    Flutter Package for Easier Creation of Home Screen Widgets

  16. pangle-flutter

    Flutter版穿山甲SDK,支持Android、iOS。A Flutter plugin that supports Pangle SDK on Android and iOS.

  17. bitsdojo-window

    A Flutter package that makes it easy to customize and work with your Flutter desktop app window.

  18. path

    A string-based path manipulation library.

  19. responsive-scaffold

    Responsive Scaffold - On mobile it shows a list and pushes to details and on tablet it shows the List and the selected item.

  20. clean-framework

    Clean Architecture components library, inspired on the guidelines created by Uncle Bob.

  21. flutter-triangles-background

    Animated triangles background widget with color gradients

  22. functions-framework-dart

    FaaS (Function as a service) framework for writing portable Dart functions

  23. bagel-db

    Dart plugin to retrieve and update data on BagelDB. This library allows you to build a backend in a matter of minutes, make REST API requests and manage your content easily


  1. divider-example

    Learn how to integrate horizontal & vertical dividers for the widgets in your Flutter app.


  1. dash-chat

    The most complete Chat UI for flutter highly customizable and helps developing chat UI faster.