Flutter Weekly Issue 42

  1. 1. 插件
  2. 2. App
  3. 3. 示例


  1. Flutter Google Sheet localizations generator

    Generate Flutter localization from a simple online Google Sheets.

  2. JSON to Dart

    Library that generates dart classes from json strings

  3. Shimmer

    A package provides an easy way to add shimmer effect in Flutter project

  4. Destiny

    An package which generates mock-data using the PCG algorithm.

  5. Sliding Card

    An Animated Sliding Card Made in Flutter

  6. SIES-Library

    A simple catalog app for SIESGST Library using Google Books API

  7. built_value.dart

    Immutable value types, enum classes, and serialization.

  8. Spider

    A small dart library to generate Assets dart code from assets folder.

  9. web_socket_channel

    StreamChannel wrappers for WebSockets.

  10. random_string

    Simple library for generating random ascii strings.

  11. freezed

    Code generation for immutable classes that has a simple syntax/API without compromising on the features.

  12. flutter_xupdate

    A Flutter plugin for Android Version Update.


  1. Flutter FindSeat App

    A completed user flows Flutter app

  2. Flutter Music Player UI

    A Material designed music player developed in Flutter.

  3. inpost_mock

    Mock UI app for InPost, written in Flutter


  1. flutter_dojo

    A beautiful design and useful project for Building a flutter knowledge architecture

  2. Flutter Google Drive UI Demo

    A sample application to show Google Drive Flutter Clone.