Flutter Weekly Issue 67

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  1. 深度解析 | Flutter web 支持的最新进展

  2. Flutter widgets 快问快答 | 第二期

  3. Flutter 1.20 来啦!规模最大的版本发布都有哪些更新?

  4. 定位Flutter内存问题很难么?

  5. 【译】Flutter架构综述


  1. flutter-native-text-input

    A text input widget built with the use of UITextView for supporting native text view features. This package supports iOS only for now.

  2. flutter-timeline

    A general timeline widget based on real-world application references

  3. local-widget-state-approaches

    A repository to create and compare different methodologies of reusing local widget state logics.

  4. flutter-aliyun-captcha

    适用于 Flutter 的阿里云滑动验证插件

  5. dart-image-size-getter

    Use dart file api to get image size, needn’t use decode. just read the metadata.

  6. extended-text

    Extended official text to build special text like inline image or @somebody quickly,it also support custom background,custom over flow and custom selection toolbar and handles.

  7. flutter-mentions

    A simple flutter input widget to add @ mentions functionality to your app

  8. ff-annotation-route

    Provide route generator to create route map quickly by annotations.

  9. secure-application

    This plugin allow you to protect your application content from view on demand

  10. in-app-review

    A Flutter plugin for showing the In-App Review/System Rating pop up on Android, IOS and MacOS. It makes it easy for users to rate your app.

  11. widget-with-codeview

    A widget with side-by-side source code view.

  12. christian-picker-image

    Flutter plugin that allows you to upload multi image picker on iOS & Android.

  13. image-picker-gallery-camera

    Flutter Package to Pick Image From Gallery or Camera

  14. flutter-ecommerce-template

    This is an eCommerce minimalist template with a clean and beautiful design for Flutter.

  15. select-dialog

    Flutter package designed to select an item from a list, with the option to filter and even search the items online.

  16. argon-buttons-flutter

    Create beautiful Loading and Timer buttons in Flutter

  17. overflow-view

    A widget displaying children in a line until there is not enough space and showing a the number of children not rendered.

  18. flutter-organized-widgets

    Display all stand alone widgets in a nice UI

  19. graphview

    Flutter GraphView is used to display data in graph structures. It can display Tree layout, Directed and Layered graph. Useful for Family Tree, Hierarchy View.

  20. value-layout-builder

    A LayoutBuilder with an extra value. It’s useful when you want to build a widget with a value computed during layout.

  21. easy-search

    Powerful Complete and Beautiful Search Component for Flutter

  22. aws-client

    High-level APIs for Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Dart

  23. wp-pivot-flutter

    A Windows Phone Style Pivot Tab Bar implementation in Flutter

  24. flutter-timer


  1. flutter-app-update-example



  1. Musify

    Music Streaming and Downloading app made in Flutter

  2. FlutterWhatsAppClone

    Building a WhatsApp Clone in Flutter.

  3. flutter-shopping-AiRi


  4. gmail-clone

    A Gmail Clone built with Flutter


  1. flutter-devcontainer

    A Dockerfile & config for developing with Flutter and the VS Remote - Containers extension.

  2. dart-data-class-generator

    Create dart data classes easily, fast and without writing boilerplate or running code generation.

  3. cider

    A command-line utility to automate package maintenance. Manipulates the changelog and pubspec.yaml.

  4. Flutter-Installer

    Flutter Installer is an installer for Flutter built with Flutter 💙😎✌