Flutter Weekly Issue 66

新闻 1. Flutter 季度调研结果分享 教程 1. Flutter+FaaS一体化任务编排的思考与设计 2. 详解Dart中如何通过注解生成代码 3. GitHub 用对了吗?Flutter 团队分享如何管理大型开源项目 插件 1. flutter-bubble-tab-indicator A Flutter library to add bubble tab indicator to TabBar 2. spreadsheet-decoder

Flutter Weekly Issue 65

教程 1. Flutter瀑布流及通用列表解决方案 2. Canonical 在 Linux 上提供 Flutter 桌面应用支持 插件 1. koukicons-flutter 🍪 Colorful Icons for your Flutter App 2. fontify Converts SVG icons to OTF font and generates Flutter-compatible class. Provides an A

Flutter Weekly Issue 40

插件 1. flutter_sliding_tutorial User onboarding library with smooth animation of objects and background colors 2. flutter_nimsdk 用于Flutter的网易云信SDK 暂时只有iOS版本 3. admob_flutter Admob Flutter plugin that shows banner ads using