Flutter Weekly Issue 46

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  1. 说说 Flutter 中最熟悉的陌生人 —— Key


  1. dna

    一个 flutter plugin. 轻量级的Dart到Native的超级通道,可直接在dart代码中调用原生代码,目前支持安卓 JAVA 和 iOS ObjC.

  2. flutter_wifi_connect

    Dead simple WiFi connect functionality for flutter.

  3. Slider_Button

    A flutter package for creating a slider button widget.

  4. flutter_cognito_plugin

    An AWS Cognito plugin for flutter. Supports both iOS and Android.

  5. FlappyTranslator

    A Flutter internationalized strings generator.

  6. flutter_heatmap_calendar

    A Heatmap Calendar based on Github’s contributions chart

  7. OpenJMU

    Rebuild from JiDaTong using flutter. (Due to non-public user system, you can’t login or register to our service.)

  8. loading_indicator_view

    A collection of awesome flutter loading animation

  9. brick

    An intuitive way to work with persistent data in Dart

  10. flutter_vibration

    Handle vibration on iOS and Android in Flutter apps

  11. uic_flutter

    A set of Flutter widgets that simplifies implementing most used UI cases.

  12. flutter_universal_platform

    A web-safe implementation of dart.io.Platforms. Helps avoid the “Unsupported operation: Platform._operatingSystem” runtime error.

  13. intl

    This package provides internationalization and localization facilities, including message translation, plurals and genders, date/number formatting and parsing, and bidirectional text.

  14. mock_data

    Generate random data(string, integer, IPs etc…) using Dart.

  15. faker

    A library for Dart that generates fake data.

  16. expansion_tile_card

    An expansion on the Flutter SDK’s standard ExpansionTile, to create a Google Material Theme inspired raised widget, ExpansionTileCard, instead.

  17. DayNightSwitcher

    Just a simple simple day / night switcher widget made in pure Dart. It allows you to quickly show a beautiful dark mode switcher widget to your users.

  18. flutter_rust_ffi

    Starter project for Flutter plugins willing to access native and synchronous rust code using FFI

  19. built_collection.dart

    Immutable Dart collections via the builder pattern.

  20. google_nav_bar

    A modern google style nav bar for flutter.

  21. spannablegrid_flutter

    A Flutter SpannableGrid widget that allows it’s cells to span columns and rows and supports moving cells inside the grid.

  22. flutter_form_helper

    Ever want to create a quick form without wiring everything up? This might be the library for you.

  23. date_field

    Contains DateField and DateFormField which allows the user to pick a DateTime from an input field!

  24. flutter_pattern_formatter

    A Flutter package provides some implementations of TextInputFormatter that format input with pre-defined patterns


  1. flutter_ffi_webassembly

    Flutter FFI+WebAssembly Example


  1. flutter_hackernews

    Flutter Based Simple HackerNews App

  2. FlutterGamingApp

    A Flutter UI template of a Game Streaming App I found on Dribble.