Flutter Weekly Issue 47

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  1. 开辟 Dart 到 Native 的超级通道,饿了么跨平台的最佳实践

  2. 当永恒的软键盘问题遇到Flutter


  1. fijkplayer

    ijkplayer for flutter. ijkplayer 的 flutter 封装。 Flutter media player plugin for android/iOS based on ijkplayer. fijkplayr 是基于 ijkplayer 封装的 flutter 媒体播放器,开箱即用,无需编译 ijkplayer。

  2. router_generator

    router_generator is a flutter library for router generation.

  3. state_notifier

    ValueNotifier, but outside Flutter and with some extra perks

  4. i69n

    Simple internationalization (i18n) package for Dart and Flutter.

  5. CustomSwitch

    Beautiful Custom Switch package created with Flutter.

  6. flutter_verification_code

    A Flutter package that help you create a verification input.

  7. .sensing_flutter

    CARP Mobile Sensing for Flutter, including mobile sensing framework, data backend support, and the CARP mobile sensing app.

  8. lpinyin

    Dart 汉字转拼音,Flutter, web, other

  9. flutter_workmanager

    A Flutter plugin which allows you to execute code in the background on Android and iOS.

  10. persian_datepicker

    A persian ( farsi ) datepicker for flutter.

  11. flutter_datetime_picker

    a date time picker in flutter

  12. flutter_cupertino_date_picker

    Flutter cupertino style date picker.

  13. flutter_progress_dialog

    Flutter progress dialog, support Android and iOS platform.

  14. flutter_skeleton

    Flutter skeleton screen

  15. date_range_picker

    Flutter date range pickers use a dialog window to select a range of date on mobile.

  16. f_datetimerangepicker

    Flutter Date & Time Range Picker

  17. Fluttify

    一个为原生(android, ios)SDK生成dart binding的引擎,解决了插件开发过程中的类型安全,编码繁琐等痛点。

  18. ResponsiveFramework

    Easily make Flutter apps responsive. Automatically adapt UI to different screen sizes. Responsiveness made simple.

  19. conditional_wrapper

    A Flutter widget for conditionally wrapping a widget

  20. motion_widget

    A simple, powerful widget to build cool transitions

  21. dart_queue

    A library to easily handle sequential queueing of futures in dart.

  22. flutter_glove_box

    golden_toolkit Contains various testing tools that eBay Motors App team is using in their development on daily basis.

  23. flutter_sized_context

    Flutter code extension that provides MediaQuery sizing info directly on the BuildContext instance. Also adds some helper methods for sizing and layout.

  24. wakelock

    This Flutter plugin allows you to keep Android and iOS devices awake, i.e. prevent the screen from sleeping by toggling the wakelock of the device on or off.

  25. collection

    The collection package for Dart contains a number of separate libraries with utility functions and classes that makes working with collections easier.


  1. i18n_exploration

    Small sample app to work on simplifying the i18n process

  2. flutter_binoculars

    Flutter Binoculars Splash Screen Animation


  1. fastdarktheme

    This project is a Flutter web experiment. It allows you to prototype dark mode colors based on popular apps: WhatsApp, Twitter and Shazam. You can select the Hue value you want, and the project will select everything else.


  1. gallery

    a resource to help developers evaluate and use Flutter. It is a collection of Material Design & Cupertino widgets, behaviors, and vignettes implemented with Flutter.

  2. txt

    📝 Simple text editor/notepad with cloud sync.

  3. nCovid19_tracker

    🦠 nCovid19 Tracker built using Flutter

  4. metrify

    Metrify allows you to keep metrics logs for everything. Do you want single app for your running statistics, weight measurements or even mood? Then Metrify is for you.

  5. elpee

    a multiplatform app written entirely in Dart/Flutter. The data is retrieved from the Spotify Web API and the Wikimedia API. I used Firebase to persist albums on ‘The Wall’. For state management, I went with the BLoC pattern.


  1. fvm

    Flutter Version Manager. Flutter 多版本管理工具。 本地缓存安装多个 Flutter 版本,随时快速切换

  2. Repeato

    A new approach to UI testing based on computer vision. A real espresso alternative.Create tests for your app within seconds. Save time and money by forwarding test automation to non-technical testers, so developers have more time to do what they do best: building a great product.