Flutter Weekly Issue 50

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  1. 闲鱼 Flutter 图片框架架构演进(超详细)


  1. epub_view

    Flutter widget for view EPUB documents on all platforms. Based on epub package.

  2. auto_animated

    Make an animated on scroll widgets in 2 minutes? Easily!

  3. flutter_color

    Flutter package widening a Color class which can be used to create, convert, compare colors and uses in UI. And also for working with editing color

  4. native_pdf_view

    Flutter Plugin to render PDF pages as images on both Android 5.0+ and iOS 11.0+ devices.

  5. flutter_better_camera

    A Flutter plugin for iOS and Android allowing access to the device cameras.

  6. drag_down_to_pop_flutter

    A page transition which supports drag-down-to-pop gesture.

  7. flt_worker

    Schedule & run Dart code in the background for both Android & iOS platforms

  8. flutter_web_auth

    Flutter plugin for authenticating a user with a web service

  9. sliding_sheet

    A widget that can be dragged and scrolled in a single gesture and snapped to a list of extents.

  10. flt_worker

    Schedule & run Dart code in the background on both Android & iOS platforms

  11. native_color_picker

    A native color picker for Flutter.

  12. prefs_guard

    a data protection wrapper for local storage (Shared Prefs). supporting both IOS & Android.

  13. FlutterSpinner

    A flutter widget that animates scrolling through a set of fixed size containers.


  1. smart_home_neomorphism_app

    A smart home app ui design in a neomorphism style built using Flutter.

  2. timecop

    A time tracking app that respects your privacy and the gets the job done without being fancy.

  3. flutter_keep

    A note-taking app built with Flutter + Firebas


  1. flutter_media_break_points

    Apply values per media breakpoints. Breakpoints are similar to the breakpoints used in bootstrap css framework.