Flutter Weekly Issue 51

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  1. Dart快速入门系列教程


  1. flutter_page_tracker

    一个易用的 Flutter 应用页面事件埋点插件。它不仅支持在普通导航事件中监听页面曝光和离开,也支持弹窗的曝光和离开。

  2. flutter_sliver_tracker


  3. modal_bottom_sheet

    Create awesome and powerful modal bottom sheets.

  4. fluid_layout

    Fluid layouts allows you to create responsive layout for mobile, web and desktop from a single codebase.

  5. RateMyApp

    This plugin allows to kindly ask users to rate your app if custom conditions are met (eg. install time, number of launches, etc…). You can even add your own conditions.

  6. flutter_login

    a ready-made login/signup widget with many animation effects to demonstrate the capabilities of Flutter

  7. supercharged

    Supercharged brings all the comfort features from languages like Kotlin to all Flutter developers.

  8. autopilot

    A test driver for Flutter to do QA testing without sharing app source code.

  9. flutter_tags

    With flutter tags you can create selectable or input tags that automatically adapt to the screen width

  10. flutter_inner_drawer

    Inner Drawer is an easy way to create an internal side section (left/right) where you can insert a list-menu or other.

  11. incrementally_loading_listview

    An extension of the Flutter ListView widget for incrementally loading items upon scrolling

  12. bottom_navy_bar

    A beautiful and animated bottom navigation

  13. titled_navigation_bar

    A beautiful and simple bottom navigation bar with smooth animation when switching selected item.

  14. magpie_fly

    Magpie-fly 是58集体出品组件库,封装了多种常用组件,以满足开发者需求。(Magpie-fly is a component library produced by 58 Group, which encapsulates a variety of common components to meet the needs of developers)

  15. magpie_log

    A visualized dynamic programming for log collection based on flutter.

  16. flutter_draw

    A beautiful drawing view for a your flutter application with single line of code

  17. modal_progress_hud

    A simple widget wrapper to enable modal progress HUD (a modal progress indicator, HUD = Heads Up Display)

  18. flutter_opencv

    This is a Flutter plugin that bundles and wraps the OpenCV computer-vision library for Java.

  19. flutter_sqlcipher

    SQLCipher database plugin for Flutter apps.

  20. flutter_android

    This is a Flutter plugin for using Android’s numerous platform-specific APIs in Flutter apps.

  21. barcode.flutter

    a Flutter library for simple and fast Barcode rendering via custom painter

  22. http_middleware

    A middleware library for Dart’s http library.

  23. flutter_emoji

    👉 A light-weight Emoji 📦 for Flutter with all up-to-date emojis 😄. Made from 💯% ☕ with ❤️!

  24. poly

    A dart library to check if given point(s) are present inside polygon or not.


  1. Mobile_Banking_App_UI

    A mobile banking ui design app in a neomorphism style built using flutter.

  2. diaporama

    A pretty simple Flutter app to browse Reddit with swiping gestures

  3. flutter_ui_designs

    Just collection of UI designs build with flutter. Can run on any mobile, web & desktop.


  1. magpie

    Magpie Workflow is a visualized platform which designed to create, develop and compile your standalone flutter module;一个Flutter开发的工具流,实现独立Flutter模块的创建,开发,编译,打包,上传流程。