Flutter Weekly Issue 52

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  1. 一个易迁移、兼容性高的 Flutter 富文本方案

  2. 复杂业务如何保证Flutter的高性能高流畅度?


  1. flutter_color_models

    A wrapper for the Dart color_models plugin with added support for Flutter’s Color class.

  2. FlutterToast

    A Flutter Toast plugin.

  3. flutter_rs

    Build beautiful desktop apps with flutter and rust. 🌠

  4. credit_card_validator

    A Dart package that validates credit card numbers, expiration dates, and security codes (CVV/CVC) based on the type of credit card

  5. rule_engine_dart

    A small rule engine for Dart and Flutter

  6. vin_decoder_dart

    A VIN decoding and validation library for Dart.

  7. crypton

    A simple Dart library for asymmetric encryption and digital signatures

  8. async_message_queue_controller

    An asynchronous message queue controller for Dart

  9. flutter_lua

    This is a Flutter plugin that embeds a Lua interpreter and runtime for executing dynamic scripts from Flutter apps.

  10. wasm.dart

    WebAssembly virtual machine for Dart [work in progress]

  11. google_translator

    Free Google Translate API for Dart

  12. flutter_mrz_scanner

    Scans MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) from identity documents.

  13. node_interop

    Interop library for writing Node.js apps and modules in Dart.

  14. flutter_opencv

    A Flutter™ plug-in providing a binding to OpenCV-4.x.

  15. hydro_sdk

    Author native Flutter experiences in Typescript and deliver updates directly to users over the air and out of band

  16. dart_pad_widget

    A new Flutter package that allows you to easily embed DartPad into your Flutter Web application.

  17. client_server_lan

    A LAN communication Flutter package based off Node Commander but removing parts such as Commander Nodes and making communication between client and server two way.

  18. build_context

    Access most used properties in your BuildContext instance.

  19. gizmos_hud

    A Flutter package for displaying custom HUD’s, Toasts, or other screen overlays. Any widget can be displayed, in any position on the screen for a completely customized interface.

  20. change_app_package_name

    Change App Package Name with single command. It makes the process very easy and fast.

  21. asset_toast

    reddit like toast

  22. dartz

    Functional programming in Dart

  23. flutter_stats_fl

    A simple FPS monitor for Flutter

  24. flutter_custom_refresh_indicator

    This package adds CustomRefreshIndicator widget that allows you to create whatever indicator you want.

  25. tflite_flutter_plugin

    TensorFlow Lite plugin provides a dart API for accessing TensorFlow Lite interpreter and performing inference. It binds to TensorFlow Lite C API using dart:ffi.

  26. markdown_widget

    A simple and easy-to-use markdown package created by flutter.完全由flutter创建,一个简单好用,支持mobile与flutter web的markdown插件


  1. Flutter_Music_App

    A new Flutter Flutter Music App built playing with animation and local music files from Soundcloud

  2. FlutterUnit

    Flutter源码中的可用的组件一共350个左右,纷繁复杂,也没有明确的分类标准 FlutterUnit 对大大小小,常用不常用的组件能收的尽量收录。并根据个人感觉进行评星 目前收录组件207个,每个都有至少一个演示展现和代码展示。

  3. NextBusSG

    An app to show everything bus related in Singapore, including bus arrival times and a directory, with extra features.

  4. bonfire

    (RPG maker) Create RPG-style or similar games more simply with Flame.


  1. flutter_create

    For creating custom flutter project from template