Flutter Weekly Issue 53

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  1. left-scroll-actions

    A useful left scroll actions widget like WeChat.一款仿微信效果的 Flutter 左滑菜单插件。现在支持iOS的展开与弹性效果。

  2. flutter-screen-scaler

    A package to resize your widgets according to the screen size with the use of percentages.

  3. string-scanner

    A class for parsing strings using a sequence of patterns.

  4. dart-class-generator

    A Flutter that can generate Dart classes. Runs on Android, Windows and Web.

  5. r-scan


  6. barrage-flutter

    This is a barrage Engine for flutter.Flutter弹幕库

  7. flutter-playout

    Audio & Video player in Flutter. This plugin provides audio/video playback with background audio support and lock screen controls for both iOS & Android. Also provides player events such as onPlay, onPause, onTime etc.

  8. FlutterTencentImPlugin

    腾讯即时通讯(IM),Flutter插件,同时支持 Android 和 iOS

  9. flutter-icons

    Customizable Icons for Flutter

  10. azlistview

    Flutter 城市列表,联系人列表,索引&悬停。Flutter CityList View, ContactList View, Index & Hover.

  11. Flutter-UI-Kits

    This project contains various inspired UI kits purely coded in Flutter framework.

  12. simple-auth

    The Simplest way to Authenticate in Flutter

  13. dson

    dart library which converts Dart Objects into their JSON representation

  14. fresh

    A dio interceptor for built-in token refresh.

  15. dart-tags

    ID3 Tag parser written on the pure dart language.

  16. FlutterToast

    Android and iOS Toast Library for Flutter

  17. flutter-facebook-login

    A Flutter plugin for allowing users to authenticate with native Android & iOS Facebook login SDKs.

  18. http-interceptor

    This is a plugin that lets you intercept the different requests and responses from Dart’s http package. You can use to add headers, modify query params, or print a log of the response.

Quick Reference

  1. flutter-face-detection

    This is a Flutter plugin for real-time, on-device, offline face & eye detection.

  2. catcher

    Flutter error catching & handling plugin

  3. flutter-mlkit

    A Flutter plugin to use the Firebase ML Kit.

  4. amap-map-fluttify

    高德地图 地图组件 Flutter插件

  5. qrcode-scanner

    A Flutter plugin 🛠 to scanning. Ready for Android 🚀

  6. flip-box-bar

    A 3D Bottom Navigation Bar in Flutter

  7. geolocation

    Flutter geolocation plugin for Android and iOS.

  8. flutter-nfc-reader

    A new flutter plugin to help developers looking to use internal hardware inside iOS or Android devices for reading and writing NFC tags.

  9. flutter-tts

    A flutter text to speech plugin (Swift,Java)

  10. flutter-socket-io

    Socket IO supprt for flutter. Looking for contributors Swift and Java.


  1. flutter-showcase

    A simple, fast and easy way to share you flutter project or mockups with the world

  2. listen-poetry-app

    诗词吧APP,一个集 诗词/诗人推荐、搜索、简介、赏析、朗读(下个版本) 于一体的诗词兴趣 APP

  3. opengit-flutter



  1. flutter-douyin-demo

    This is a Flutter project to copy Dou Yin (which named Tik Tok overseas). 这是一个利用Flutter复制抖音(海外叫做TikTok)的小项目。


  1. flr-vscode-extension

    Flr(Flutter-R) Extension: A Flutter Resource Manager VSCode Extension

  2. flr-as-plugin

    Flr(Flutter-R) Plugin: A Flutter Resource Manager Android Studio Plugin

  3. pubspec-version

    A CLI tool to get/set/bump the version key in pubspec.yaml.