Flutter Weekly Issue 57

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  1. 更方便、更强大: Flutter package 生态系统更新


  1. Fish-Lottie:纯Dart如何实现一个高性能动画框架?


  1. frefresh

    Help you to build pull-down refresh and pull-up loading in the simplest way.

  2. image-downloader

    Flutter plugin that downloads images and movies on the Internet and saves to Photo Library on iOS or specified directory on Android.

  3. convex-bottom-bar

    A Flutter package which implements a ConvexAppBar to show a convex tab in the bottom bar.

  4. flutter-plugin-device-apps

    A plugin to get the list of installed applications (iOS is not supported yet).

  5. calendar-timeline

    Flutter widget form select a date in horizontal timeline.

  6. flutter-incall-manager

    Handling media-routes/sensors/events during a audio/video chat on Flutter

  7. aeyrium-sensor

    A Flutter sensor plugin which provide easy access to the Pitch and Roll on Android and iOS devices.

  8. screenshot

    A simple plugin to capture widgets as Images.

  9. zflutter

    Flat, round, designer-friendly pseudo-3D engine for Flutter

  10. flutter-isolate

    Launch an isolate that can use flutter plugins.

  11. flutter-hud

    A clean and lightweight progress HUD to show a running asynchronous task for Flutter.

  12. flutter-beacon

    An hybrid iBeacon scanner SDK for Flutter Android and iOS.

  13. navigate

    A flutter plugin for byutifull navigation with advanced routing

  14. pspdfkit-flutter

    PSPDFKit Wrapper for Flutter. Flutter is Google’s mobile UI framework for crafting high-quality native experiences on iOS and Android in record time.

  15. leancloud-flutter-plugin

    This plugin depends on Leancloud Native(iOS / Android) SDK. It’s just convert the code from dart to those native language(Objective-C / Java).

  16. Drawer-Behavior-Flutter

    Drawer behavior is a library that provide an extra behavior on drawer, such as, move view or scaling view’s height while drawer on slide.

  17. qrcode

    A flutter plugin for scanning QR codes. Use AVCaptureSession in iOS and zxing in Android.

  18. expanding-bottom-bar

    A bottom navigation bar with expanding titles.

  19. flutter-location-picker

    A location area picker for flutter 省市区位置选择器

  20. flutter-contacts-plugin

    A Flutter contacts plugin which provides easy access to the platform specific address book.

  21. Web-Vuw

    A Web View for flutter

  22. audio-manager

    A flutter plugin for music playback, including notification handling.

  23. gbk2utf8

    A flutter package to convert gbk to utf-8

  24. flutter-before-after-image

    a Flutter plugin to create a Before-After view with stacked two images and give user experience about before and after view.

  25. material-about

    An about screen to use in your Mobile apps.


  1. flutter-tunein

    Dynamically themed Music Player built with flutter

  2. E-commerce

    A Flutter E-commerce by implementing the Carousel and other flutter components


  1. Arbify

    ARB files localization tool. Dedicated to Flutter and its intl package.

  2. flutterweb-yaml

    A command-line application to generate CI/CD yaml templates for Flutter web project.