Flutter Weekly Issue 58

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  1. 逆向 Flutter 应用

  2. 进展汇总 | Flutter 精彩不停,与您同在


  1. creditcard-slider

    Dart package for creating a credit card slider

  2. flutter-orientation

    A Flutter plugin for device’s orientation

  3. flutter-responsive-tabs

    A responsive tabs demo at two different screen size namely tablet and phone.

  4. swipedetector

    A Flutter package to detect up, down, left, right swipes.

  5. awesomeDialogs

    A new Flutter package project for simple a awesome dialogs

  6. flutter-umplus

    一个简单的友盟 umeng app+ 统计

  7. bot-toast

    A really easy to use flutter toast library

  8. streams-channel

    For Flutter plugin development: StreamsChannel is inspired from EventChannel. It allows to create streams of events between Flutter and platform side.

  9. flutter-custom-dialog

    Semantic dialog

  10. flutter-desktop-plugins

    Flutter desktop plugins

  11. extended-image-library

    package library for extended_image, extended_text and extended_text_field,provide common base class.

  12. flutter-audio-recorder

    Flutter plugin that can support audio recording and level metering

  13. flutter-parallax-scroll

    Flutter UI challenge- Parallax scroll effect

  14. flutter-flavorizr

    A flutter utility to easily create flavors in your flutter application

  15. flutter-imageview-360

    A Flutter package which provides 360 view of the images with rotation and gesture customisations.

  16. flutter-devicelocale

    A Flutter package to read and return the set device locales

  17. foldable-sidebar

    An easy to implement Foldable Sidebar Navigation Drawer for Flutter Applications.

  18. flutter-launch-whatsapp

    A Flutter plugin for iOS and Android to open whatsApp.

  19. rainbow-color

    RainbowColor simplifies interpolation a numerical domain onto a multi-color range.

  20. json-to-form

    A flutter plugin to use convert Json to Form


  1. flutter-novel

    仿追书神器,具有仿真、滑动和滚动翻页、字体大小、行高、背景、目录等功能的Flutter 阅读APP

  2. flutter-hrlweibo

    Flutter仿微博客户端, 包含首页、视频、发现、消息(仿微博聊界面)及个人中心模块

  3. flutter-twitter-clone

    Fully functional Twitter clone built in flutter framework using Firebase realtime database and storage


  1. bazel-flutter

    Sample repository with Bazel support for Flutter projects