Flutter 1.22 正式发布!

Flutter 是 Google 开源的便携式 UI 工具包,帮助开发者通过一套代码库高效构建多平台精美应用,支持移动、Web、桌面和嵌入式平台。

Flutter Weekly Issue 60

教程 1. 网易支付-高性能NEJFlutter小程序动态化架构实践 2. Flutter卡顿问题的监控与思考 3. 构建健全的空安全 4. Flutter 上的内存泄漏监控 插件 1. dynamic-theme Dynamically changing your theme without hassle 2. flutter-p2p A Wi-Fi Direct Plugin for Flutte

Flutter Weekly Issue 58

教程 1. 逆向 Flutter 应用 2. 进展汇总 | Flutter 精彩不停,与您同在 插件 1. creditcard-slider Dart package for creating a credit card slider 2. flutter-orientation A Flutter plugin for device’s orientation 3. flutter-responsive-tabs

Flutter Weekly Issue 57

新闻 1. 更方便、更强大: Flutter package 生态系统更新 教程 1. Fish-Lottie:纯Dart如何实现一个高性能动画框架? 插件 1. frefresh Help you to build pull-down refresh and pull-up loading in the simplest way. 2. image-downloader Flutter plugin that downloads images and movies on the

Flutter Weekly Issue 55

新闻 1. Flutter 1.17 | 2020 首个稳定版发布! 2. Dart 2.8 发布了 3. Flutter web 最新进展: 发掘更多可能! 教程 1. Flutter线上代码覆盖率解决方案——FlutterCodeX 插件 1. flutter-h5pay A Flutter plugin for h5pay(Support WeChat and Alipay) 2. flutter-link-preview A Rich

Flutter Weekly Issue 53

插件 1. left-scroll-actions A useful left scroll actions widget like WeChat.一款仿微信效果的 Flutter 左滑菜单插件。现在支持iOS的展开与弹性效果。 2. flutter-screen-scaler A package to resize your widgets according to the screen size with the use of percentages.

Flutter Weekly Issue 52

📖教程 1. 一个易迁移、兼容性高的 Flutter 富文本方案 2. 复杂业务如何保证Flutter的高性能高流畅度? 👖插件 1. flutter_color_models A wrapper for the Dart color_models plugin with added support for Flutter’s Color class. 2. FlutterToast A Flutter Toast plugin.

Flutter Weekly Issue 51

📖教程/Tutorial 1. Dart快速入门系列教程 👖插件/Librarys 1. flutter_page_tracker 一个易用的 Flutter 应用页面事件埋点插件。它不仅支持在普通导航事件中监听页面曝光和离开,也支持弹窗的曝光和离开。 2. flutter_sliver_tracker flutter滑动曝光埋点框架,支持SliverList、SliverGrid 3. modal_bottom_sheet